About Us

The Zak Armory is a division of Zak Global Enterprises LLC, specializing in providing California citizens with high-quality hunting and self defense firearms. Our brands are well recognized among the firearms community for their exceptional quality. Over the years they have been tested in the fields of hunting, self-defense and law-enforcement in which they have excelled. World-class machining and total quality management have been the building blocks to successful firearm platforms which we have developed. Our parent company's resources have allowed Zak Armory to develop firearms of impeccable quality while allowing affordability which we have passed on to our customers throughout the years. A vast knowledge of many fields of industry and machining technologies has led to innovated integrations of technology passed on in the development of Zak Armory firearms. We have utilized high-tech materials and cutting edge processes in our production lines insuring the overall quality of our firearms.         

Zak Armory is located in Paso Robles, California; one of the most rugged and beautiful areas in the country. We are a proud small American manufacturer of Custom Quality and Tactical™ firearms and gear for your home, ranch and defense use. We are proud of the products we construct and are confident we create leading edge quality to a thriving industry. Our customers are very important to our dedication of making the best competitive firearms there are to offer. Our rifle finishes are classic on all of our weapons and our wood furniture finish for the ZAK 47 is superior to all other products on the market because it is a long lost method once applied. We strive to purchase American parts, including our equipment, and support our local economy. We look forward to crafting something for you!

Thank You,

The Zak Armory Team

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